G L U  C A N D L E  C O .


Introducing a candle that embodies the essence of luxury and intrigue—Saffron, Tobacco, and Tonka Bean. As it burns, it releases an opulent blend of exotic saffron, rich, smoky tobacco, and the sweet warmth of tonka bean. This captivating aroma weaves a tapestry of sophistication and allure, filling your space with a sense of timeless elegance and mystery. Perfect for creating an ambiance of refined relaxation, this candle invites you to unwind and savor the luxurious fragrance journey.

11 Oz            45-50 HR BURN TIME


Why you'll love Hush

• Saffron, White tea

• Purple Peonies, Orchid, Tobacco

• Vanilla, Almond Milk, Tonka Bean