G L U  C A N D L E  C O .

A Scent Experience

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Luxury Scented Candles

At Glu Candle Co., Our divine scented candles are made with moments and setting the mood in mind. So turn the lights down low, take a match to the wicks, and experience the scent.



glo getter

black currant, geranium, rhubarb

sparkling champagne, BERRIES, SUGAR

turkish rose, white musk, cedar

sugared plum, raspberry, amber

lime, mint, sugarcane

honeysuckle, jasmine, tuberose









Elevate Your Space 

Scent affects more than just one sense; scent reaches deep inside to elicit strong emotional reactions - often without realizing it. The truth is your mood can make or break your day. There are so many beautiful scents and fragrances to choose from that can inspire and alter mood.

the scent

meet the founder

Hello, I'm Regina

A lover of fragrance 

Glu Candle Co was derived from the inspiration of storytelling and building the imagination through scent
that set any moment.

The process

The Art of Coconut


Sustainable, Coconut wax is one of the most eco-friendly waxes on the market. Coconut wax also delivers a slow and even burn so that you can enjoy one of your favorite scented candles for a more extended period. Additionally, coconut wax blends well with beautiful fragrances that deliver a fantastic aroma to any space. 

"My whole house is filled! It smells so good!!"

— Tara Thomas
    Urban League 

"Blended with notes of berries and Champagne, it immediately transports you to a spa!"

"A whole vibe!"

— Jeezy 
    Rapper Songwriter 

"The candles are amazing, They burn nicely and the scent spreads."

— Tricky Stewart 
    5x Grammy Award winning writer-producer 

"OMG the scent! My personal favorites are Coils & Double Cleanse."

— Cynthia Nevels 
    Celebrity Chef 

"WOW! Before I could pull it out the box I could smell the scent. I lovvvvve it! The scent, The packaging, the message, top knotch!"

— Mali Thomas
    Celebrity Makeup Artist

"YES YES YES, I love my candle!"

— Stephan Moccio
    Artist, Composer, Pianist 

"This candle smells AMAZING!! WOW!! 
I am beyond impressed with this brand."

— Ava Mae 

"Ahh amazing!!! It's literally one of THEEE best candles I've smelled, and I receive a lot." 

— Asia Milia


— Brittany Bell 

"Hasn't been 5 minutes and my entire home smells amazing!"

— Susan Kazimi
    Senior Support Specialist 

"The entire main level of my home was filled with this aroma. You don’t have to burn them all day in order to fill your space with the delightful scents."

—Monique Howard

Yes, I want to elevate my space!

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